How Pets Can Improve Your Health

Stay Well With Your Animals

There is no question that being among animals may improve a person’s mood. And the ones you enjoy the most may also be beneficial to your health. The several ways in which owning a pet might benefit your health will come as a surprise to you.

Mood Boost

Spending even just a few minutes with an animal, such as a dog or cat, or watching fish swim can quickly induce feelings of relaxation and reduce stress. During that time, your body will go through some physical changes, and those changes will affect your mood. Cortisol, which is a hormone that responds to stress, has been shown to decrease. And levels of serotonin, the chemical that your body produces that makes you feel good, go up.

Better Blood Pressure

You still need to keep an eye on your weight and get regular exercise. Having a pet, on the other hand, can make it easier to control your blood pressure. Researchers looked at the health of 240 married couples and found that persons who owned pets had lower resting heart rates and blood pressures than those who did not have a pet. According to the findings of another study, youngsters who had high blood pressure saw an improvement in their levels when they petted their dogs.

Lower Cholesterol

You are also quite active and watch what you eat very carefully. There is a potential benefit to your cholesterol levels if you also own a pet. People who do not have pets are more likely to have higher levels of cholesterol and triglycerides than those who do have pets in their homes. It isn’t quite clear why that is the case. The more active lifestyle that comes with having pets may have anything to do with it.

Help Your Heart

People who own dogs and cats might reap some cardiovascular benefits. People who had never owned a cat were found to have a 40 percent increased risk of dying from a heart attack compared to people who had owned cats in the study that lasted for 20 years. Another study discovered that those who owned dogs had a higher chance of survival one year after suffering a heart attack. In general, those who own pets had a lower risk of passing away from any kind of cardiovascular disease, including heart failure.

Ease Depression

No one will love you more without conditions than your pet. It may even assist you in coping with and recovering from depression if you let it. Your animal companion will continue to pay attention to you for as long as you feel the need to continue talking. You’ll probably feel calmer when you pet a cat or dog. You can go outside of yourself and feel better about the way you spend your time by taking care of an animal in some way, such as by walking it, grooming it, or playing with it.

Boost Your Fitness

If you have a dog, there is a good chance that you lead a more active lifestyle than people who do not own pets. Walking your dog for at least half an hour every day can help you stay active. A similar effect can be achieved by going for a walk for 15 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. You’ll be in even better shape if you participate in a game of fetch with your dog in the backyard.

A Faithful Exercise Buddy

You and your animal companion will reap the benefits of exercise when you do it together. While you are going through your step aerobics program, try waving a string or shining a spotlight on the wall. Running after the light will be a good exercise for your cat, and it will keep you entertained. Doga is the name given to yoga classes that are open to both humans and their canine companions. Make a call to the gym in your area or consult your veterinarian about it.

Fewer Strokes Among Cat Owners

The doctors aren’t sure what caused it. It’s possible that the impacts that having a pet can have on a person’s circulation are to blame in part for this phenomenon. However, studies believe that the relaxing effect that cats have on their owners may be greater than the influence that other animals have. It’s also possible that the personality of the person who owns the cat has a role in this. It’s not uncommon for cat owners to grow obsessed with their feline companions, which helps them forget about their other stressful concerns.

More Connections

Engaging in activities with other people is an important factor in maintaining a healthy mind. In addition, people who own pets frequently have a need to converse with others who also own pets. A dog is a topic of discussion just waiting to arise. When people see you walking your pet, especially those who also have dogs, they will stop what they’re doing to talk to you about it. Visit a park where dogs can run about and play while you mingle with other people who own dogs.

Fewer Allergies, Stronger Immunity

Children who are raised in homes with pets, such as dogs or cats, have a lower risk of developing allergies than adults. The same can be said for children who grow up on farms populated by huge animals. They will be able to maintain their health as they become older because they have a stronger immune system, which is shown by higher amounts of specific immune system molecules.

Cats and Asthma Prevention

It doesn’t appear to make sense. One of the most common things that set off an asthma attack is an allergy to a pet. However, experts have investigated what the impacts are of having cats in the homes of babies who are at risk for developing asthma. They discovered that those children had a lower risk of developing asthma as they got older than other children do. There is an exception to this rule. Children exposed to cats when they are young have a greater than the threefold increased risk of developing asthma if their mothers suffer from cat allergies.

Snack Alarm

A dramatic decrease in the amount of glucose in the blood can pose a significant health risk for diabetic patients. Some canines can provide their master warning of an impending event. They may be able to detect alterations in chemical processes within the body that emit an odor. The owner has enough time to grab a bite to eat to avert the crisis thanks to the alert. This capacity is present in around one out of every three canines that live with diabetic people.

Work With a Counselor

There are mental health therapists who incorporate the use of dogs into their practice. It’s possible that having a dog at the office would make someone feel more at ease. And a comment said to or about a dog may provide light on the inner workings of a person’s psyche. The story is told by one therapist about a couple who were arguing in their office. The dog, which would normally merely sleep through the entire session, woke up and expressed a want to leave. They utilized that to help the couple recognize how their fighting affected others, especially their children, and they used that to help them.

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